Work experience diary: Media Wales

Media Wales CardiffSo, I’ve just literally finished my work experience at Media Wales and WM Magazine. I kind of knew what to expect, having worked at other Media Wales places before, but I can definitely say that I enjoyed this experience much more than the others. Not just because of the ridiculous amount of Christmas bakes and chocolates I got given during the week, I’ve probably gained about a stone from it all. But, the feature side of journalism is much more suited to me than the hardcore side of news. It appeals to my interests more, being able to write lengthy travel pieces and fashion pieces is just SO much better than writing news stories about angry old people complaining about a park. (Yes, I did write a story about that.) Not that I’m complaining about news journalism entirely, I’m just grateful for the experience. It was such a relaxed week it almost felt as if I wasn’t even working at all, so I thought I’d give you the lowdown and show you what I got up to.

I arrived at the office with a fresh-face and raring to go. There was also another person on work experience with me, but he was in the news department. (For the love of God I couldn’t remember his name. Sorry!) There were introductions, a complimentary tour around the office and a precious one-to-one with one of the senior journalists, which we discussed my options for the future and what I’m currently doing within journalism. After settling in I got down to it and got stuck in with my lengthy features. I also got the chance to do some to out of the office work, doing a bit of ‘street style.’ Basically poaching random people off the streets of Cardiff snapping their photos and asking them what they’re wearing, which isn’t the best of fun when there are crazed manic Christmas shoppers everywhere, looking like a crazy loner and people thinking you’re trying to sell stuff. Yes, a man actually thought I was selling things and tried to take my notepad.

Every Tuesdays at the office, every department in the newspaper/magazine have short meetings to discuss what they’re currently working on and what they will be working on. Luckily I was able to attend on one of these meetings, to get a better insight of the workings at Media Wales. Still working on my features during the week, there’s a ridiculous amount of research which goes into these may I add, I had to refrain myself from booking a holiday when researching on the travel features. I also got to see what the other journalists and designers in other departments got up to, which was good for me as I’m a little bit nosey. It was kind of fascinating to see the design team put everything together before your very eyes.

Overall, it was a brilliant experience and I’d definitely recommend to other students wanting to have a taste of the journalism industry, I made some valuable contacts and got given very useful information which I will treasure with me.

Oh, and my work will be published within a week/fortnight so have a lookout for my name in South Wales Echo/WM magazine!


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