The dreaded ‘d’ word

522949_10151580225215393_868256083_nAfter endless months of planning, sleepless nights, probably my body weight in coffee, 2 mental breakdowns, 10,969 words and 60 pages later. I finally have myself a dissertation. My research question for my dissertation was ‘How has British Vogue responded to the rise of fashion bloggers?’ Basically meaning that how is print journalism coping with the expanding online presence? But the topic was targeted towards a more specific area of fashion. The reason I chose this topic was because this was a subject that deeply interests me and having specifically choosing fashion I wanted to delve a little deeper into the industry and this research can be applied to other genres of journalism also. The journey of this dissertation was an emotional roller coaster for me. At times I loved doing it and I’m so passionate about journalism and fashion. However, at other times I hated doing it and I never wanted to throw my laptop out the window more. Overall, I think after months of writing and planning I think it’s been worth it.


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