Alt Cardiff

twiticonSince starting my Master’s course in Magazine Journalism I’ve been immediately thrown back into the deep end. Forgetting everything that I had previously learnt about essay writing and feature writing and throwing that out the window. And re-learning how to write short, snappy and precise news stories with quotes, multimedia and pictures all under 125 measly characters. This is just the beginning of the on-going weekly task we’ve been set. Alt Cardiff  is an online magazine that brings you alternative and offbeat news, events and culture from in and around Cardiff.

The online magazine is split into six sections: Music, Food, Culture, Active, No Logo and Yn y Gymraeg. The main aim of Alt Cardiff is to tell unknown, obscure or just different stories about Cardiff. Hence the name Alt Cardiff. The stories range from anything from bubble tea shops, exhibitions, new fitness crazes, bands, festivals to local petitions. The Welsh online magazine offers readers news about all the nooks and crannies of the Welsh capital and gives readers a chance to explore what Cardiff really has to offer.

If you’re in Cardiff or just a Cardiff lover then keep up to date with all its happenings via the website or follow us on Twitter. Remember if it’s offbeat and in Cardiff then Alt Cardiff.


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